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When you buy a house or property through Jeff Underdahl’s team, you can expect to hear the truth about everything you need to know, consider, and be careful of when selecting the perfect home or property. We specialize in helping people get what they want in real estate, at the best price and terms possible, with the least amount of drama possible. Buyers can expect to get great service and great results. We will also introduce you to our network of great contacts, who are accountable to us, our clients, and many times, God. You can count on us to give you advice from the perspective of what we would do if we were in your position; which would be the same type of advice we would give to our family and close friends. Put Simply- When you buy through Jeff Underdahl and his Real Estate team, you can expect to get the honest to goodness truth every step of the way.


When listing your property with Jeff Underdahl, you can rest assured that you will be receiving sound advice and top notch service. From helping you figure out the perfect list price, to giving you tips on how to prepare your property to sell, and getting our beautiful professional photography, we do everything necessary to get the best results possible, at the best price possible, in the least amount of time possible. We skip the drama. We skip the nonsense. We tell it like it is. You can count on us to avoid pitfalls that so many others seem to stumble into all the time. We’re all about carefully navigating the contracts and negotiations so that everything goes smoothly once we’re under escrow all the way to a nice closing. And we try to have fun while we get it all done!

Property Management

When trusting Jeff Underdahl to manage your property, you can expect the best advice and execution in finding the perfect tenants for your property. Tenants who will take care of it, pay rent early rather than late, and who will keep it in as turn-key condition as possible upon move out. You need someone like myself; someone who grew up in the renovation and property management business prior to becoming an actual real estate marketer, realtor, and broker. I know how to best manage your property after learning by managing dozen of my own and my family’s properties, what works and what doesn’t work and i will put that knowledge and experience to work for you so that you investment truly remains an investment

Care about community

I am a North County San Diego native and I absolutely love it here! This area is continuing to get more crowded as it becomes more popular; it seems like all of the best places in the world tend to do this, and Vista is no different. Since I grew up in the area, I’ve always wanted to see Vista and the surrounding cities be all that they can be. I want this place to be a place where my family can feel safe, enjoy the lifestyle, and call it home. Along with that, I am a loving person who truly cares about my community very much – right down to keeping our community clean. As of October 8, 2018, my team and I sponsor 7 adopt-a-highways on the 76, the 78, and i5, to make sure that our freeways keep clean. You’ll see the Jeff Underdahl team picking up trash when we are out fixing our signs or walking into a coffee shop, as we are always trying to make our community a cleaner, safer, and better place. We keep our eyes out for anything that doesn’t look right, and let the police department know right away. We also give back to local schools as well as people in need. We are Christians who care about our community very much, and the more you help support our business, the more we can give back. Thank you for your support.

Awards and Acknowledgements

The truth of it is, i don’t pride myself on awards or accolades. I have been blessed my entire career with receiving top awards and top acknowledgements from clients, agents, brokers, and affiliates in the industry, but if I am totally transparent- i just don’t care about those things. I do have a couple of my awards in my office, since they are pleasing to look at, but I have boxes and crates of them in storage. While I am grateful for the recognition of my hard work, I just do not feel the need to display them around my real estate lounge to show you how great I am. I wholeheartedly believe that I am only as good as the service and results that I provide for each one of my clients. The 5 star reviews from my clients are truly my trophies, awards, and accomplishments.

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