Property Management

By Jeff Underdahl

After growing up in the world of renovating properties and then helping my family manage them, I gained a long-term understanding of how to communicate effectively with tenants, how to properly screen them, and how to successfully execute a residential lease agreement. I know what it takes to ensure that everything goes well for all parties involved, keeping happy tenants and happy landlords. We also keep the property in mind, maintaining its great condition, so that if it goes vacant and the owner wants to sell it, it is ready to go on the market. Our hope is that it might even be able to be at the top of the market for optimal investment results. Furthermore, my 1031 experience in helping to buy and sell real estate really supports and rounds out my ability to help people manage their income properties and move their equity into new management opportunities as well.

When trusting Jeff Underdahl to manage your property, you can expect the best advice and execution in finding the perfect tenants for your property. Tenants who will take care of it, pay rent early rather than late, and who will keep it in as turn-key condition as possible upon move out. You need someone like myself; someone who grew up in the renovation and property management business prior to becoming an actual real estate marketer, realtor, and broker. I know how to best manage your property after learning by managing dozen of my own and my family’s properties, what works and what doesn’t work and I will put that knowledge and experience to work for you so that your investment truly remains an investment.


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We offer a competitive rate ensuring your property is well maintained, giving you the chance to take some weight off your shoulders.

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