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Vista is a city located in San Diego’s North County area. It is known for its perfect climate year round, top educational institutions for youth and a business park hosting more than 800 companies.


Carlsbad is on San Diego’s North County coast. It is known for having top notch schools, a great family atmosphere and some of San Diego’s most attractive beaches. Carlsbad also has great attractions such as The Legoland California theme park, The Flower Fields with acres of flowers and the Carlsbad Premium Outlets.


Oceanside is a coastal city in California. It’s known for palm-dotted Harbor Beach and nearby Oceanside Harbor, with its marina and shops. Oceanside San Diego County’s closest city to Orange County and Los Angeles, making it a convenient place for families and residents looking to make for an easy commute.


Escondido is a city of San Diego’s North County located at the intersection of the 78 and 15 freeways. It is conveniently located just 20 minutes to San Diego’s famous beaches and is home to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.


Fallbrook is located in San Diego’s North County about 5 miles west of the famous interstate15 Freeway. Fallbrook is known for its avocado groves and claims the title “Avocado Capital of the World.


The Bonsall area encompasses approximately 32.8 square miles. It is located in the foothills of the Penninsular Mountain Range in the unincorporated area of northern San Diego County. The southern boundary of the Bonsall area is approximately 40 miles north of downtown San Diego.


What should you check before buying a home?
Your credit, budget and home loan qualifications should all be checked before buying a home. The good news is all three can be easily & quickly reviewed at no cost to you by contacting a qualified mortgage loan officer who can guide you on all three.
How much down payment is optimal when buying my 1st home?
The optimal amount of down payment is the amount that helps you accomplish your goals with a monthly payment you can afford. In some cases, no down payment can be optimal. In other cases, it makes sense to make a down payment, or even put more money down than the minimum required to help improve the terms on your home loan. It’s important to think about the big picture when making this decision and consider funds you’ll want for home improvements, furnishings, and even cash left over in your bank for unexpected emergencies.
What documents will I need to buy a home?
The documentation necessary for a home loan varies depending on the type of employment you have as well as the home loan program you use. Some programs can help you with as little as a few signed authorization forms and a government issued, photo ID. Many will also require 2 years Federal Tax Returns, 2 years W2 forms , 2 months of account statements for all places you keep money, and 30 days of recent paycheck stubs. The most thorough loan programs can require 3 years federal tax returns. Before you start gathering paperwork, have that conversation with a mortgage loan officer so they can send you a detailed list specific to your situation.
What credit score do I need to buy a home
There is no minimum required credit score to purchase a home. However, if you need financing to complete a home purchase it can make a big difference on the programs available to you as well as the terms you’ll receive on the loan. To obtain competitive mortgage terms with the lowest interest rates offered in the market place, government agencies set a 580 credit score as the general minimum required for FHA & VA mortgages, while a 620 score is the minimum for conventional loans backed by Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac.  If your credit score needs improvement, be sure the mortgage loan officer you choose has the tools and experience to help you fast track the results.
What’s a 1st time home buyer loan
This is a loan program that is only available for first time home buyers and can’t be used by people who have owned a home before. Surprisingly though, this classification can be achieved on some loan programs as long as you have not owned a home in the last three years. While the benefits available to first time home buyers can vary greatly and be helpful, using a first time home buyer program may not always be the optimal path to your success. Be cautious of lenders who market first time home buyer programs without reviewing other options available to you.